Transforming Depression

by Cie Ann Scott Ph.D.

Why continue without any significant results? Have you been ‘trying’??? That may be your mistake.
Nike says, "JUST DO IT!" not "Just try it." Let’s advance the goal, and turn the breakdowns into

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Assuming your program makes sense for you, let’s break down the ‘how’ of achieving success. That’
s why we stay committed to anything. We have hopes and dreams of the end product. Just the way
you plant a seed in the dirt, and water it, without a doubt, it will sprout. I have several plants that have
grown to huge sizes with nothing but water. Now I hardly have room for them in their intended places.
Imagine your shoulders growing so big you can’t wear your shirts. Imagine your hips melting to a
point you pants fall off! Your bank account can grow to the point the F.D.I.C. can’t insure it. Every part of
your life is infinite. Only you can determine your boundaries. As your life gets bigger, it will also require
more responsibility to maintain it. The body you want---is it too hot to handle? Whether it’s improving
your income or position, or improving a relationship, we can go about it in the same way. We can use
transforming your body as an example. You can apply the principles to anything you wish to change.

The best place to start is gratitude. You may be thinking, "If I liked this, why would I want to change it?"
Just the same, an out-of-shape person at 400 pounds can be grateful. He has the opportunity to
change whenever he is ready. He is breathing and moving---necessary parts of implementing
change. He has free will and the choice to eat less, move around more, even if a complete spinning
class is out of the question. Get it? Starting from desperation isn’t as wise as beginning with
gratitude for what is available. Running away from something is almost always harder than building
on top of a sound foundation. Maybe building means shrinking instead of getting larger. The illusion
can be confusing, but always, coming from a place of love instead of hate is more productive.

We can’t do the same things and expect different results. This is the true definition of insanity! Good
LUCK (Living Under Correct Knowledge) will be necessary to succeed. Check out your assumptions.
Be sure you are aligned to create the desired end product.

Make a solid plan and stick to it! Fads and unsound suggestions are clear to your intuition. Listen to
your inner voice. We all know that short cuts are risky and unintelligent. Solid results come from solid
planning. Just as we don’t dig up a seed we have planted to see if it is sprouting, we need not get on
the scale 3 times a day.

Love your body, and just the same, love the person in the relationship you may wish to change, or
love the job that’s got you down.

Forgiveness may be necessary in getting to the finish line. If you overeat at a party or a meal, forgive
yourself and go back on the plan for the next meal. This is not an excuse to punish yourself further,
pushing yourself farther from completing the accomplishment.

Maintaining a new form can also be challenging. A certain number of calories for an individual who is
at a certain level of activity will be different when their size is different. Body composition, muscle
mass, weight, and height will determine the new appropriate food intake. "You are what you eat" has
a large application. Conduct yourself like the being you want to emulate, releasing old habits. Model
relationships and role models after those you’d like to try to be like.

Get committed to a great plan. Don’t let the plateaus slow you down. When the going gets tough, the
tough get going. Only you determine your success.

Life is what you make it!