Increasing Quality of Life

By Cie Ann Scott PH.D

Because every person exists to be a consciously living being, enlightened with this belief or not,
each person possesses somewhere within him or herself the natural and inherent desire of every
living intelligence for the increase of life.  Every living thing must continually seek for the
enlargement of its life, because life, and the mere act of living, must increase in itself.  Just as a
seed dropped into the ground springs into activity, and in the act of living, produces 100 more
seeds.  Life, by living, multiplies itself.  It is forever becoming more, because it must do so to
continue to exist.

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Intelligence is governed under this same necessity for continuous increase.  Every thought we think
makes it necessary for us to think another thought.  Consciousness is continually expanding.  Every
fact we learn leads us to learning another fact.  Just as knowledge is continually increasing, every
talent we cultivate brings to the mind the desire to cultivate another talent. This process continues,
and in seeking expression for this urge, we are impelled to know more, to do more, and to be more.

Having purpose, in essence, is seeking fulfillment.  It is life, seeking fuller expression.  Life is
permeated with the desire to live more.  This is why we create things.  We always want to have
things we can use to increase life, and to be a greater expression of our purpose, desires, and

Because the universe is friendly, nature is friendly to our plans.  You may be certain that this is true.  
It is essential, however, that your purpose should harmonize with the purpose that is in everything.  
It is necessary to want real life, not mere pleasure for sensual gratification. Just as getting rich in
order to live swinishly for animal desires is not aligned with perpetuating life, enjoying mental
pleasures, including the increase of knowledge to outshine others, or to be famous are not a part of
surveying o­ne’s purpose.  A person who creates an empire for these reasons will never be
satisfied with his lot.  High ideals such as Dharma are not embodied by these desires.

There is nothing wrong with achieving wealth so that you can eat, drink, and be merry when it is
time to do these things.  Seeing distant lands, feeding your mind, and developing your intellect are
all parts of living in your purpose.

In order to be successful, there is no necessity to take anything away from anyone.  It is not
necessary to drive sharp bargains.  Cheating and taking advantage will o­nly impair success.  
Others need not work for you for less than he or she is worth.

We must all realize, for the sake of humanity, that supply is unlimited.  Never look at the visible
supply; always look at the limitless riches and infinite abundance of natural beauty and
accomplishment.  Of course, this is much easier for an American who hasn’t missed a meal, so
Step o­ne for some is to get any job, even if it is sweeping floors.  Remember “Famous Amos” of
cookie fame was a box boy at Saks Fifth Avenue and learned how to glamorize things in this lowly
position.  His idea was simply to make amazing cookies!  Amos is truly remarkable and o­ne to be
emulated.  He is a loving expression with all he does and in love with life!

See a flower for the perfection that it is.  There will always a way to succeed with a divine idea
without depleting the planet.  Do not allow yourself to think for an instant that all the best building
spots will be taken before you get ready to build your house.  Always remember that the supply of all
that you need is limitless, so no o­ne will ‘beat you to it.’

I can not stress the importance of believing that your vision is real and done. Don't tell people that
you own a ten million dollar mansion and drive a Rolls Royce if it's not true, but picture yourself
everyday at the house and driving the car.  If you prefer to run a big foundation that helps a group of
people, picture that.  Tailor your visioning process.  Don’t lie, but focus o­n the vision and it will
manifest eventually.  If you know that succeeding with your purpose will create wealth, picture
yourself going to work, walking through the physical location, or o­n the internet or phone in a
luxurious setting. You must believe this is a done deal, or you will accept other concepts and ideas
that will become obstacles, and you will never arrive at the vision. Often the actual outcome exceeds
the picture we imagined, but this is o­ne of the wonders of the plan and holding it sacred. Faith,
purpose, and imagination can discern between the dreamer and the scientist. Since this is proven
to work for people of all kinds, it is key to stay with the science and arrive at the vision instead of
thinking about it.  This has been a successful formula for me and hundreds of people I have
interviewed.  Focus and don’t worry.

The other most important thing to keep in the forefront of your mind is your intention. Thinking about
your intention is quite different than thinking about what could go wrong, even in trying to prevent
these disasters. Complete every task with dotted i's and crossed t’s and your troubles will be few.
Never frustrate yourself with potential problems. Just do the work the best it can be done. Everyone
has challenges, but why bother while you're rising to the vision you desire to create? These
thoughts of complications will o­nly take the wind out of your sails. No o­ne ever got rich
contemplating or studying poverty. All of the consideration and knowledge of poverty has not rid any
place of it. This does not recommend hard-heartedness. You can hear and answer the cry of need
without making an investigation of it. In fact, we don't even want to talk about times when we
experienced lack. Don't tell others about past financial troubles.  o­ne who creates riches for him or
herself opens a way for countless others to follow, and inspires them to do so. Charity is nice, it
keeps people alive, however, inspiration can lead them out of poverty. Put poverty and all forms of
lack and limitation behind you. You can make excuses, you can make money, but you can't do both.

The will is a determined purpose or desire, or an inclination that anyone can exercise, even a baby
or a pet.  My dogs have often ‘willed’ a piece of chicken when I had no intention to share it with
them.  The will has power.  Be certain of it or hold it to be true until you can prove it wrong.   Just as
my dogs do not, you don't need persuasive or eloquent self-expression to will something and get a
successful outcome. To ensure success, you need o­nly to use your will power upon yourself. It is
flagrantly wrong to impose your mental power upon others.  Coercing with physical power is equally
uncalled for. We can not decide to do things for someone's "own good", because we don't know
what is truly good for others. Remember, manipulating others always backfires eventually, and
when you reach that comfortable place, you won't want anyone trying to tear down your empire.

On the competitive plane, there is a godless struggle to gain power over others, but when we focus
o­n creativity instead of competition, we open up unlimited possibility for everyone. Goodness can
flourish where there is freedom, positive thought, enlightenment, and cultivation. Your will can be
manifested when it serves others well.