No Limits TV
Dr. Cie Ann Scott can be seen every Wednesdays at 11:30PM
on "No Limits with Dr. Cie" on Arizona's own TV Station - KAZ-

"Dr. Cie" Ann Scott hosts a fun and innovation TV Show to
help you improve your life, your finances, health and much
more.  The show has a great line up of Co-Hosts - Arron
Scott M.D., keeping you informed on how to be and stay Well!  
Terry Bowersock, founder and Chairwoman of Terri’s
Consigned and Design Furnishings Inc., a muti- million
dollar chain of consignment stores stretching from coast to
coast, Marsha Petrie, known as "The Accountability Master"
because she dares people to take personal responsibility for
their choices, success and life and Raleigh Pinskey, CSO of
Raleigh Communications, who is a recognized expert and a
professional speaker on the subject of Visibility Marketing.  
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