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The Psychology of Over Eating.... And Beyond

Overeating is a common American tradition. 20 million Americans are suffering from depression,
and this is a popular side-effect. The Holidays are a time for reflecting, except maybe in the mirror---
our clothing may be getting tight, and a second chin appears for some as well. My friend Nikki
Haskell, weight-loss candy manufacturer and author of Nikki Haskell’s Star Diet told my television
audience in an interview to sit in front of a mirror and eat in the nude---a surefire way to reduce food
intake! Just about anyone could do some reflecting in that position!

At times we contemplate our failures, which are not unusual, we all have failures. Many people turn
to food for comfort, and overweight people are the norm, not the minority. Some people eat and
drink heavily when they’re happy. The point is be aware of your individual habits and tendencies. We
will all continue to make mistakes in this life, but limiting them can allow each of us to have a
successful and fulfilling life---and let’s not forget about health! Sadly, many won’t appreciate health
until it’s gone. When we are aware of our behavior, we can ask friends in advance to monitor us and
remind us to forgo the desserts and extra cocktails. I ask my friends to be stern!

People have the tendency to look for or find what they have lost. This includes a few pounds. A friend
or acquaintance says, "You look like you lost a few pounds," and soon the thinner person runs out
to Ben and Jerry’s to find it. It is human not to like ‘losing‘, even if it was meant as a compliment.
Again, chalk it up to the humans. They outsmart themselves!

We stress out our organs and increase our risk of many diseases by being overweight. This might
well be addressed by every person.

Here are some great suggestions to help those with weight issues celebrate without guilt...

"What CAN I eat?" That question is asked of me ALL THE TIME! Being a hardbody means eating like
o­ne. You are what you eat, so eating lean protein will promote muscularity. Being balanced means
eating balanced. Every meal should consist of the three Macronutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and

Your fist is a good guideline to follow for o­ne serving of protein. If your fist is larger than a breast of
chicken, eat more. Of course, choosing LEAN protein will make a difference. A balanced meal is
NOT pasta with red sauce and vegetables. I suggest adding shrimp or chicken to this meal to
correct the protein deficiency. Building and maintaining healthy tissue, including muscle, organs,
and blood, means eating protein.

Carbohydrates are essential for many functions, including feeding the brain. Deleting "carbs"
causes immediate effects, such as headaches and dizziness-the body is trying to tell us
something! The body serves us well when we eat as many or more grams of carbs as we consume
in protein form. When cutting fat from the body, carbs should be limited to this amount. There are
two types of carbs to consider: fibrous carbs, and starchy carbs. Fibrous carbs are easily utilized by
the body, broken down quickly and assimilated. This catagory includes salad greens, celery,
broccoli, peppers, and o­nions, to name a few. When fat loss is a goal, these should be eaten at
night instead of starches. Starches include pasta, bread, potatoes, corn, peas, and squash. These
are more complex, taking hours to be broken down and utilized, so they are better used for daytime
energy, unless you have a strenuous night ahead. Usually, this energy can be fully "burned" in the
daytime, so the body does not store it as fat. Losing fat considers the body has burned the food
consumed, plus some stored fat. Dinner rolls can become "stomach rolls" by breakfast, if activity
doesn't utilize the calories for energy. o­n the other hand, eating too much salad has never been a
problem for those not allergic to it. That brings us to salad dressing...

Dietary fats are also necessary throughout the day to serve nerve functions, and carry fat-soluble
vitamins to cells that need them, as well as other multiple purposes. A non-fat diet IS NOT a wise
idea. Fats also give the body a feeling of satiation, making it less likely to cheat o­n a diet plan.
Since the body functions better with minimal dietary fat, it is easier to lose weight than o­n a non-fat
diet. Your body doesn't need to exceed 15% of its calories as fat. The vegetable or unsaturated fats
are useful, such as peanut butter or olive oil. Being physically healthy always aids any commitment
by allowing the body to feel centered and contented. Empty calories, such as animal fats, are the o­
nes to cut!

Speaking of empty calories, alcohol and sugar sweetened desserts are choice calories to cut.
These items also cause an insulin spike, which tends to increase the chances of fat deposits o­n
the body. Another powerful reason to avoid alcohol and sugar is the effect o­n the immune system.
Your well-being is necessary for success in any aspect of life. It is wiser to choose fruit, or desserts
sweetened with fructose (the simple sugar in fruit). It is a quick source of energy that won't let you
down soon after.

Some special tips:

It isn't safe to lose more than 1-2 pounds of fat in a week's time. Greater numbers are a sure sign of
losing lean muscle. Winning and lasting results come to those who wait!

Eat every 3-4 hours while building muscle or losing fat. This means eating 4, 5, or 6 times a day!
The metabolism gets a boost, and lean muscle is fed in order to maintain or build.

Write down your foods in a special diary. It allows you to check for mistakes, and choose carefully.
The diary will also aid discipline.

Read labels, always knowing the ingredients and portion sizes. It is impossible to choose without
this information! Take responsibility, and don't be lazy!

You can bring a thermal lunchbox everywhere, enabling you to stay o­n schedule and aid the

Special work-out tips:

Cardiovascular exercise, such as the bike or treadmill should be done AFTER weight training.

While lifting weights, if your body isn't filling the muscles you're working with blood, stop and make
an assessment. You must achieve "a pump". Use professional help, such as a trainer if necessary.
You may be using incorrect form, not working the designated muscles, or not doing enough reps.
rush will make you feel strong and sexy!

Now Holidays, out-of town trips and uncertainty can be replaced with a safe and filling plan. Life is
what you make it!