Marahs Reynolds
Marsha Reynolds
Board Contributor

She is known internationally as an expert in emotional intelligence. Her interest in this area
grew after teaching seminars for years and seeing most of what she taught forgotten by
participants within 48 hours, or sooner when caught in 'the heat of the moment.'When emotions
took over, logic lost out. Yet in studying Emotional Intelligence, she discovered an element than
can either increase or decrease learning retention. Therefore, she now includes principles of
emotional intelligence in all her classes, and group or individual coaching. The result…her
clients report seeing behavioral change and effective results much sooner.

Currently, Marcia manages her own business, Covisioning, and travels around the world
working with large corporate and government clients. Marcia's presentations are cross-cultural,
delivered in Asia, Russia and Europe as well as across the Americas.

She is also the author of several books, including Outsmart Your Brain! Get Happy, Get Heard,
and Get Your Way at Work and the award-winning Capture the Rapture: How to Step Out of Your
Head and Leap into Life. Excerpts from her books and interviews have appeared in Fortune
Magazine, Health Magazine, Fitness, Shape, Women's Day, Christian Science Monitor and The
New York Times, and she has appeared on ABC World News, National Public Radio, and
Japan Nightly News.
Some of Marcia's clients include Medtronic, DOW Chemical, Bank One, Kaiser Permanente,
British Telecom, Nokia, the Department of Health and Human Services and the National
Institutes of Health. She also presents keynotes for a wide range of association and corporate

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