Manage Tasks


By Dr. Cie Ann Scott Ph.D.

Who has time??? Does it seem impossible to keep work, family and friends happy with time to take
care of yourself? Juggling these things has got to be an art form, but almost all of us experience that
mental, emotional, or physical tension or distress. It's a vicious circle that slows us down with a
head or neck ache, or a good cry, for which there is no time.

If you can control your thoughts, you can manage your life. The o­nly thing we ever control is
ourselves, and doubts arise about that whenever we overeat or forget something.

The best thing we can do with stress is dismiss it. Somehow that doesn't sound easy? What is
stress, really? It actually has nothing to do with time or inconvenience. It is a force or a strain, and we
can o­nly allow it to grow into tension, confusion and pain.

Stress is not inconvenience. This is a phrase you can repeat to yourself often, until you absolutely
believe it. I managed to convince my patients, and the trips to the Chiropractor were cut to a fraction.
Rashes that plagued some disappeared. All gained clarity about what they were doing. They
appreciated instead of cursed responsibility, and trusted themselves again.

Moving slowly through traffic in your car is not stress. It is an inconvenience and that'll all. Waiting in
a line is not stress. Dealing with unqualified people is a challenge, but is not stress. Remember,
having a business, a job, a car, a house, a spouse, or children was a choice. Be empowered and
happy about your choices, since the alternative of not having them would be worse. What if your
family was killed in a car-wreck or you lost your job or business. Call everything you chose a
blessing and you will be increasingly grateful for every blessing you have. Keep the act of choosing
the highest and best for you always.

We are all born with the ability to allow things to work for us, even when situations seem to oppose
us. The first thing to do is to look at the bigger picture. You can pretend this particular case at hand is
your friend's challenge. It's always easier to see the solution to another person's dilemma. In
addition, there are no real problems, o­nly challenges. We can remind ourselves of that tidbit as
well. If there is any question about this, life always goes o­n. These situations dissipate in time.

Doing our very best is the way to succeed. Doing your best may require research, extra work, and
extra energy. Doing anything with this kind of honest effort is always empowering. You will be
impressed each time you do something better than you imagined. This is also excellent for
developing self esteem! In turn, your higher self esteem feeds your future performance in all you
tackle. You will become invincible!

Don't worry about what could happen. This is a great energy waster. If you are already doing your
best, why worry? Things work out when everything is done well. Any trepidation-lack, limitation,
doubt, worry or fear is an illusion. Just keep going forward and these concerns will eventually
become laughable.

Stay focused o­n the outcomes you aim to create. Prioritize every morning o­n your computer, or in
your day-timer or palm pilot. Make sure you have something physical to refer to-don't trust your
memory. Converge upon each item o­n the list in the order of priority. When you don't think about
what isn't o­n the list, the list gets done. Focusing o­n potential obstacles will create more obstacles
in your path anyway. Everyone has to pull weeds, even in the Gardens of Versailles.

1. Start always by listing tasks and prioritizing. Physically list your intentions.

2. Remain focused o­n intentions, always doing your best!

3. Don't worry-there will be o­nly minimal challenges since things are being done with
integrity-creating optimum results.

4. Talk to yourself in the car, in the bathroom, and wherever else you can. Affirm "Inconvenience is
not stress." and "There are no problems, o­nly challenges." Don't affirm how difficult things are,
always answer yourself with "I can do it!"

***WARNING*** You create what you focus o­n. Focus o­n what you aim to create all the time, and
never focus o­n excuses.

Life is what you make it!