Jyl Steinback
Jyl Steinback
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Jyl Steinback, "America's Healthiest Mom," is a cookbook author, personal trainer and health expert.
She has been described by the media as "enthusiastic, "weight loss guru", "America's Super
(Healthy) Mom," "national sensation" and "a one women business dynamo." Regardless of the
accolades, she is committed to a mission of helping others become healthy. Two simple rules drive
Steinback, "Move your body" and "Eat what you love while balancing your meals with healthy nutrition
using moderation and portion control."

The author and mother of two has developed a philosophy: "Life is full of choices and you can make
a change, I will show you how!" Jyl targets not only those who because of medical problems need to
improve their health, but more importantly the family! It is her contention that many of the diseases
associated with high fat and cholesterol diets may be prevented as our children mature to adults, if
along the way they are schooled on proper nutrition and exercise and follow some regular exercise

Steinback, a personal trainer, who works closely with a top nutritionist, spreads the gospel through
her popular series Family Fit Lifestyle Cookbooks have sold more than 2 million copies. The first
recipes for Fat Free Living were published in 1993. Her latest book is, "SUPERMARKET GOURMET"
(published by Perigee). Each cookbook in her Family Fit Lifestyle Library contains from 175 to over
400 easy-to-follow recipes, with diabetic exchanges, nutrition per serving, shopping list, and menu
plans, and a Superfood fact.

Jyl is a popular motivational speaker and television personality, and she continues as a personal
trainer six days a week in Scottsdale Arizona. The books and fitness products she creates are
designed to instill healthy living into every lifestyle.

Her fans are legion; many swearing that she was responsible for major life changes. Jyl loves to
hear from devotees of her healthy philosophy. Joanne of Norfolk, NE states: "Since my first day of
living Jyl's program my intense sugar cravings have totally disappeared and I am at peace with food.
It's been that way everyday. a miracle!" Jan of New Berlin, IL attests, "Just for the record, for the first
time I have lost weight- 50 pounds, and kept it off now for almost three years!" Adds Karen from
Nashville, NC, "I am so excited about my new life changes

Jyl's interest is in helping others achieve greater health through nutrition and exercise. "I feel like I
was put on this earth to help people and that's what I am going to do! With your help we can literally
change the world."

Books Written and Published - Over 2.0 Million Copies Sold

Recipes for FAT FREE Living 1 & 2
Recipes for F AT FREE Living Desserts & Breads
The FAT FREE Living Super Cookbook Warner Books, May 1997
The FAT FREE Living Family Cookbook & Around The World 1998/1999
SUPERFOODS Cook Your Way To Health January 2001
COOK ONCE - EAT FOR A WEEK Putnam Pub. January 2003
SUPERMARKET GOURMET Putnam Pub. March, 2004
Busy Mom's "MAKE IT FROM A MIX" Oct. 2004 Meredith Publishing
Fill Up to Slim Down
The Busy Mom's Slow Cooker

National Magazine Coverage (selected issues)
Ladies' Home Journal - dubbed the Steinback's "Health Addicts"
Northwest Airlines : World Traveler - "The Skinny on the FAT"
First For Women - identified Jyl as a "Weight Loss Expert"
Women's Own - "Set Your Skinny Self Free"
Income Opportunities - "Recipes for Success"
Woman's World - "Amazing cookbook that's making woman slim"
Self - "Weight Loss Guru" * Lowfat & Fast - "Queen of No Fat lifestyle"
Star- Telegram "America's Super (Healthy) Mom "

She can be reached at Jyl@AmericasHealthiestMom.com and her AmericasHealthiestMom.com
Toll free number is 1-866- LIVE FIT (548-3348)