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Even if you lack confidence or just feel lost!

Even if you lack confidence or just feel lost!
Would you like to learn how to confidently interview potential mates?
Would you like to know if they are telling you the truth?
Would you like to learn how to relate with honesty and compassion, receiving the same?
Would you like to learn to make every date count, even if you are with the ‘wrong’ person?
Would you like to find genuine commitment with the “right” person?

If you answered yes to any of those 5 questions then
this could be the most valuable website you have ever landed on!

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Let me explain by sharing with you a little bit about my story.

bl-and-wh-Cie Developing a winning strategy to find and marry the perfect mate was a 20 year
project. Fortunately, I started interviewing singles in great depth long before I was awarded my
Ph.D. in Psychology. Early in this quest, I discouraged myself by knowing just how insane the
dating world was. I married “wrong”, additionally settling for partners that weren’t capable of
being all I wanted.
Most of us settle because we don’t believe that we can get what we really want. I eventually
figured out the formula to finding and committing to the perfect mate.

When you really think about it, the number of potential partners is infinite; why wouldn’t we find
the right person? Exactly, we CAN find the perfect mate. This really is a duplicatable practice
that works.
My prayers were answered as soon as I started practicing sound principles! I also felt much
better about myself; it was painful and difficult to be out of alignment with what I really desired.

When we live true to ourselves and have a solid plan, we can achieve goals faster, love
ourselves in the process, and have time for every other kind of success, including radiant
health and financial prosperity.

In my quest for the truths in life, I created and starred in my own daily TV show that was
syndicated on FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, and UPN; the best part was I could share my own
principles and facilitate major celebrities to share their secrets of success!

My life increased in blessings! I was still searching for that perfect person to share my life with,
and eventually I chose to stand so solid in principles that I could not lose at love any longer. I
had perfected my game and made it so simple that it’s duplicatable for others. It works for
everyone and at any age. Dating is a learned skill. It is not just intuition; you could blow it with
the right person, and people do it all the time. If you want a lasting commitment, certain things
must be present or developed.

Think of all the stress that would disappear.
Think of how much more happiness, health, and wealth you could afford yourself if you weren’t
miserable or wasting your time trying to create the wrong relationship
But Dr. Cie, what if it’s just more serial monogamy?
But Dr. Cie, I’m fearful of rejection or failure.
If you stick to this proven program, your confidence
and self esteem will rise quickly, and this will make it possible to attract a winner.
It takes less time than you think!

"Suffering is optional"

-Dr. Cie

I have spent the last 25 years of my life consciously perfecting the system. When you
implement my system, dating is simple, automatic, yet exciting. I want to teach you my system.
What would you be willing to invest in a dating system that would help you find your perfect
mate and enjoy that person for the rest of your life?
Would you be willing to invest $10,000 if I guaranteed you my system would work for you?
How about $5,000?
How about $1,000?
Through this special offer you won't pay $10,000, $5,000, $1,000, or even $500.
Through this program I will train you step-by-step how to how to create a valuable, lasting
relationship now and the program is guaranteed.
Here's just a sample of what you will learn:

   How to develop the mindset that only wins.        
   How to find trust and be trustworthy.
   How to build rapport with anyone.
   How to be relaxed on any date.
   How to let go of people in the past.
   How to handle any date with confidence and ease.
   How to read people without unpredictable errors.
   How to generate better dates from the wrong ones.
   How to be happy when you are alone.
   How to find true happiness.
   How to save money dating, investing properly.
   How to dump dates without hurting them.
   How to let go of your own pain.
   And much, much more.
Now, at this point you also may be wondering...

Who is Cie Scott?
Why Should I listen to her?

Here are 3 Reasons I'm The One who will finally show you step-by-step how to get the perfect

   I have interviewed tens of thousands of singles from all over the United States in depth to
form absolute rules of the Code.
   I learned how to create unshakable confidence and share this with others for instant
gratification.  The information is crystal clear.
   I have a proven step by step system to teach you how to date and create a lasting
relationship.  Learn from the comfort of your own home. My program is affordable. My program
is guaranteed. If you are not certain my system will help you find a true commitment and
lasting love within the first week of receiving my program I will give you your money back.
Who is this program for?

Anyone who is ready to find true love and a lasting commitment.

Young        Old
Hetrosexual        Homosexual
Very Educated        Less Educated
All Professions        Non-working people
Never Married        Divorced
Fearful People and Virgins        
And anyone else that can benefit from excellent people skills
What is the program you have for me, Dr. Cie?

The program is called the Commitment Code.

The Commitment Code Program includes:

   Weekly training call for a month.
   Recordings of any calls you miss
   30  minutes of personalized help
   Access to greatly discounted follow up sessions for one year to assure your success
   Instant control of your dating life

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Summary of What You Get with the Commitment Code Program

   Weekly Training Calls
$1,295.00 Value
   Recorded Training Calls        $495.00 Value
   Personalized, Private phone consultation        $150.00 Value
   Commitment Code Workbook        $49.00 Value
   Private phone consultations Save $100.00 Each!
$495 Value
   Total Value of the Commitment Code Program        $2,500 Value
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Dr. Cie

P.S. - So if you've read down this far and haven't picked up the Commitment Code Program
yet, you're probably wondering,

“Dr. Cie, why are you selling this course so cheap? All the other guru's courses cost $500.00
or more. What's the catch?"

Good question. The reason I'm practically giving this program away is actually two-fold:
   First, my business mission is to help people and change the world. I know if you purchase
my program you WILL change your life and be able to create a loving and committed
relationship. Through you I will be fulfilling my mission.
   Second, after you receive tremendous value from this first time of us doing business
together there is a great possibility you will want to receive further training from me. You might
even become a customer for life.
P.P.S. - Remember, this offer is good for the first 200 people who take action!

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