Consiousness of Wealth
The Consciousness of Wealth Ministry

The Consciousness of Wealth Ministry is dedicated to assisting people, one-by-one, to enhance
their lives for the better, starting from the inside out.

It is important to remember spiritual teachings regarding prosperity. What we focus on we make
real, and the sophistication of our minds can make our thoughts more powerful and more energized
than we might consciously realize. Thinking and speaking in a positive way about our lifestyles,
jobs, etc... is an essential step in metaphysical wisdom. As the bible says, "What I have feared, hath
come upon me."

To develop a consciousness of wealth, first remember that prosperity adores a prosperous attitude.
Instead of complaining about writing checks for monthly bills, start by giving thanks that you have the
funds to cover them. Arrange the bills in your wallet with the highest denomination on top, ones at
the bottom, then fold them toward you saying this simple but effective blessing: "Divine love through
me blesses and increases all that I receive." Dollar bills are rich in metaphysical symbolism; they
represent energy and effort. It can be surprisingly effective to try this little blessing technique.
Experiment and see!

Each month I will create new exercises to assist you in developing your own Consciousness of
Wealth. They are available through the links below to either view or download for later reading.

Dr. Cie Allman-Scott, R.Sc.P.