Cie Ann Scott
Dr. Cie Ann Scott Ph.D.

Dr. Cie Ann Scott Ph.D., a Cognitive  Therapist, Licensed Metaphysician and Registered
Hypnotherapist. Dr. Cie developed the most expedited and stimulating way to treat her clientele
after much testing and 12 years of college studies. She has given years of radio and TV advice in
Los Angeles, and hosted her own celebrity interview show called INFINITE POWER for network
television. Individuals, couples, and corporations come to Dr. Cie Ann for anything from
psychotherapy to seminars to sales training. Her mission is to provide empowerment for the
unlimited happiness, health, and prosperity for all people, including that which is optimal for the
mind, body, and spirit.  Dr. Cie is now settled in Scottsdale, with her practice in Phoenix.

You can visit Dr. Cie Ann at or feel free to email her